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Paris Hotel Residence Henri 4
Paris Hotel Residence Henri 4
Paris Hotel Residence Henri 4
Paris Hotel Residence Henri 4
Paris Hotel Residence Henri 4
Paris Hotel Residence Henri 4
Paris Hotel Residence Henri 4

Navigate the Trees of a Parisian Forest

From 30/11/-0001 to 30/11/-0001

When many people think of Paris, they think of its thriving cosmopolitan life. With numerous museums, chic cafés and diverse cultural events, Paris provides a vast amount of entertainment for city lovers. However, visitors might be unaware that Paris has plenty to offer nature lovers as well. In addition to its beautiful, flowery and centrally located parks, Paris is surrounded by forests and wooded areas that are perfect for various outdoor activities.

Guests staying at the Résidence Henri IV have the chance to explore the rugged side of the City of Light during their stay. One way to do this is by visiting the 'accrobranche' obstacle courses that can now be found in several places in the Paris region. Accrobranche is a thrilling activity that involves the use of a system of cables that allow participants to navigate through a forest by climbing ropes and swinging from tree to tree. The entire course is completed above ground, but participants are secured by cables that catch them if they fall.

There are courses for all ages, ranging in difficulties that are appropriate for two-year-olds all the way up to daredevil-grade courses, deemed "impossible" to complete. No matter who participates, however, safety is always ensured thanks to the secure harness system in place.

Accrobranche combines sport and leisure, enabling families and individuals to test their physical limits all while having a great time. Within Paris proper, visitors can try the Evasion Verte obstacle courses housed within the Parc Floral in the 12th arrondissement.

The suburbs of Paris also offer a wide range of accrobranche facilities, including Le Parc Lemurien (Seine et Marne suburb), Davy Crockett Aventure (Seine et Marne suburb), Branches et Loisirs (Yvelines suburb), Aventure Floreval (Essonne suburb), and Aventure Land (Magny en Vexin suburb). Visiting a suburb location is a great idea for those who want to explore the larger wooded areas that exist just outside of central Paris.

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