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Paris Hotel Residence Henri 4
Paris Hotel Residence Henri 4
Paris Hotel Residence Henri 4
Paris Hotel Residence Henri 4
Paris Hotel Residence Henri 4
Paris Hotel Residence Henri 4
Paris Hotel Residence Henri 4

Nighttime at the Jardin des Plantes

From 12/02/2014 to 03/11/2014

In an exhibition created by the team at the French National Museum of Natural History, located within the Parisian park the Jardin des Plantes, visitors can explore the many facets of a nocturnal world. The exhibition — simply called 'Nuit' ('Night' in French) — takes these visitors on a journey through four themes: the night sky, nocturnal life in nature, a night of sleep, and myths and monsters.

Each of these four themes reveals a different aspect of night, and the different kinds of knowledge involved in understanding it. From astronomy, physiology, neurology and biology to ethnology and anthropology, a variety of scientific fields are applied in the exhibit. In addition, the imagination and some non-scientific conceptions of night are equally important in the exhibition 'Nuit.' As such, the various mythologies and fears associated with nighttime will be brought to light.

Guests staying at the Hôtel Résidence Henri IV can discover the intriguing exhibit at the Jardin des Plantes, one of the most beautiful parks in the City of Light. With several museums and a zoo, the Jardin des Plantes offers enough beauty and entertainment for a whole day of fun. In order to see 'Nuit,' visitors should head over to part of the park that houses the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle (the National Museum of Natural History).

At the exhibition 'Nuit,' more than 350 specimens have been selected from the impressively large zoological collection owned by the museum. Mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and butterflies with special connections to the night have been specially presented for the unique event. Plus, audio-visual displays, quizzes and other multimedia activities draw visitors into the action, making this an enjoyable exhibit for the whole family.

Beginning under the twilight stars, 'Nuit' immediately plunges the public into a nighttime ambiance from February 12, 2014 until November 3, 2014. There, they can stroll through a forest with nocturnal animals or peek into the land of sleep. As a result, they will get a whole new perspective on the vast universe that is encapsulated by the night.

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