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Paris Hotel Residence Henri 4
Paris Hotel Residence Henri 4
Paris Hotel Residence Henri 4
Paris Hotel Residence Henri 4
Paris Hotel Residence Henri 4
Paris Hotel Residence Henri 4
Paris Hotel Residence Henri 4

Parisian Life at the Maison de Balzac

From 10/06/2014 to 28/09/2014

Honoré de Balzac is a classic French literary figure, producing some of the most well-known books of the 19th century. At the Maison de Balzac (the House of Balzac), visitors can see the house where the famous author lived in the 16th arrondissement of Paris.

Balzac's working habits were the stuff of legend, with the author producing his manuscripts at a turtle's pace through laborious dedication. It is said that he would often sleep from 6 in the evening until midnight and then get up to work for 15 hours straight. Balzac's work habits have only fueled his mythic status among the literary crowd, who have an immense respect for both his talent and his work ethic.

Balzac lived at the location of the Maison de Balzac from 1840 until 1847, conceiving La Comédie Humaine and writing the La Cousine Bette and Le Cousin Pons there. Therefore, history buffs and book lovers should not miss the chance to see where the literary genius produced some of his celebrated works. What's more, from June 20 to September 28, 2014 an exhibition is running at the Maison de Balzac that makes a visit there even more exciting. The exhibit is called 'Beaches in Paris According to Daumier' ('Plages à Paris selon Daumier'), and it reveals the Paris of a faraway time when Parisians could swim in the Seine whenever they wanted to.

The exhibition is held in contrast to the 'Paris Beaches' summer event that invites people to lounge around the banks of the Seine for a limited period only. However, in Daumier's time — which was also Balzac's time — Parisians would go and take a dip in the Seine at their leisure. Daumier is a 19th-century cartoonist whose was very well known when he was active. With a masterful hand, the sketch artist both mocked and honored his subjects.

By visiting the Balzac House, guests staying at the Résidence Henri IV can experience important cultural figures with reputations in France and around the world.

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