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Paris Hotel Residence Henri 4
Paris Hotel Residence Henri 4
Paris Hotel Residence Henri 4
Paris Hotel Residence Henri 4
Paris Hotel Residence Henri 4
Paris Hotel Residence Henri 4
Paris Hotel Residence Henri 4

Taste a Myriad of New Tiramisu Flavors

From 30/11/-0001 to 30/11/-0001

A new tiramisu bar has just opened in Paris, giving visitors the chance to satisfy their sweet tooth. The spot is called We Are Tiramisu, and it just happens to be the first bar in Paris dedicated solely to the delicious dessert. In addition to tiramisu, the establishment also offers chocolate and tea, making it suitable for all types of tastes. Wines and liqueurs are also available to taste and take home.

All of the tiramisu is made in-house, using artisanal techniques. The tiramisu is also made with fresh and natural ingredients. That means no artificial flavors, coloring or conservatives are used.

The pastry chef has come up with a wide variety of different flavors to suit the seasons as well as the preferences of the patrons. As a result, the menu contains both a stable of permanent items as well as other items that will change and evolve over time.

However, every kind of tiramisu is constructed from the same basic model: light yet rich mascarpone and homemade genoise cake. Added to that base are many unique elements that result in entirely new concoctions. For example, the yuzu tiramisu features jasmine and lime. The saffron tiramisu also includes a touch of Grand Marnier and even more orange. The mocha tiramisu has Bailey's and hazelnut, offering a creamy, nutter flavor. Of course, classic tiramisu, with coffee, amaretto and chocolate, is also on the menu.

Guests staying at the Résidence Henri IV can indulge themselves by taking a trip to We Are Tiramisu. The spot is located in the 17th arrondissement, just off of the Ternes metro stop. Visitors can therefore enjoy a dessert, an espresso or a chocolate during a leisurely day in Paris. The establishment serves high-quality Coppi Café coffee in addition to teas and juices.

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